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Go on a search in our bakeshop and you just might spot this tiniest of jars which in so many ways contains pure gold!


In it you will find the first yield of honey that my sweet friend Charity harvested when she began keeping bees.

 As cherished as that honey was to Charity, this jar is to me.

 Because in it I see so much more.

Like bees to a flower, I see tiny flip-flopped feet racing full steam ahead to

greet Charity who, along with a small group of friends,

traveled some 7,753 miles to spread the sweetest of news about the

One who has made all the difference to them.

And to bring some cookies...

to be placed into open hands

which once were bound by the evils of human trafficking.

For, you see, something happened over that distance of 7,753 miles - a cross pollination of hearts...

..that has changed lives.

I know it has changed mine.

This is one of the most treasured stories I see in our little fairytale bakeshop.


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