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On a bookcase at the entrance of the bake shop one of the first things guests may have noticed this holiday season is our "Joyce" shelf.

To most casual observers it might appear festive and merry, but to me it means so much more.

I see the stories of two moms both named Joyce.

One from the Sooner State of Oklahoma with a heart of gold, loving everyone she meets, and loving unconditionally at that.

The other Joyce from the red clay soil of Uganda - a mother of 8 and a woman who herself has risen from the past pains of domestic abuse. She works diligently with her hands and very much her heart.

Both Joyce's investing the life they have been given to make a better life for those they love. Both loving their children fiercely.

On this shelf, I see the depth of their stories, both so very different and yet somehow so much the same.

These two Joyce’s wake up every morning with the deliberate intent of doing small things with great love.  These two women, one whom I have the honor to call friend, the other whom I may never have the privilege to meet, are the sweetest reminder to me. I hope they will now be to you. When challenges rise, when things don’t come easy, it is possible to persevere. There will be brighter days. Perhaps today of all days, is the perfect day to remind ourselves of that!

This is just one of the many true stories I see in our little fairytale bakeshop.

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