My Father's Workshop

Posted on October 20, 2019 by Amy Wright | 0 comments

When I was a young girl I remember being fascinated by my father’s workshop.  Pieces of wood and sawdust were the sign that another project was underway.  He was never in a hurry to complete a piece, but rather took great care to get it just right. 

I have a feeling that he must have enjoyed the process of constructing as much as others appreciated the finished piece.


For me those childhood memories all came back as I began my own journey into  3-D cookie construction.  Cutting and sanding down cookie boards, fitting and attaching them with great care with the hope that all would end well and each constructed piece would be strong enough to stand on it’s own in the end.

Although my dad is no longer with us, I had a strong sense of a Father’s love for His daughter in the bake shop these past few weeks. Words of wisdom precisely whispered  by a loving God who cares not only about the very big challenges I face but also those very tiny ones. 

If you ever would like to hear more about my Father (or my first attempt at 3-D cookie construction), drop me a line-I would love to share more!


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