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A few weeks ago I attended an art class to learn about paint and color...

Doing my best to follow our teacher's instructions, I set out with the intention of creating art.

In the end I realized that the true masterpiece was not what I had painstakingly applied to my paper...


...but rather on the paper towel given to clean off the brush throughout the evening.

 Wiping and turning, wiping and turning and there it was-  a masterpiece of colors in beautiful harmony.

Over these past 5 years I have had the great opportunity to really focus on and appreciate the process of seeing Amelia's Desserts evolve. 

Watching as each client, each student and each member of our team have added their own unique color to our little baking business.  

This is the true masterpiece I see in our fairy tale bake shop!


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April 10, 2018

Amelia, you have been creating beauty for decades!

Nancy Johnston
Nancy Johnston

April 10, 2018

I was listening just this morning on my way to work the song by Danny Gokey called ‘Masterpiece’. I’m so glad God has bigger visions for us than we do. :-)

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